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This is just a website that I use to keep my talks and photos on, so if I’m out and about and need to give a talk, I always have them available. Also, if I have given you a talk, you should be able to find it here...

There’s also a little information for patients and relatives...

If you’re trying to find something out about  me,  I am a Neurosurgical (brains) and Pre-Hospital care (emergency, mostly trauma) doctor in London and run a few websites in my spare time. I have also worked quite a bit overseas and wrote a book to encourage others to travel with medicine.

As you flick through pages in this website, you’ll probably realise that I am interested (and fairly uniquely trained) in the full pathway of head injuries - from pre-hospital care, to neurosurgery, to ITU, to rehab - in addition my research is very much in these areas.

I’m married to Kelly and have a wonderful daughter, Katharine (aka Mungie) and bananas, though lovely, son, Oscar (aka Mungo)

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Mark Wilson

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Mark Wilson